Are Africans and Africa really that bad?

Have you ever watched the movie Lord of War from 2005 featuring Nicolas Cage when he was in his earlier acting years?

Nicolas Cage was playing the role of a self-proclaimed gangster, actually not a real gangster “gangster,” but more like a wannabe gun salesman. He was selling guns and other weaponry on the black market, selling them to the Russians, South American mobsters, and the most interesting thing was…he was selling stuff to African War Lords. His character called Yuri Orlov loved dealing with the Africans and he could easily sell them anything, like the big Revolver he sold to this all gold wearing muscular black rebel general or something.

The Yuri Orlov guy made a fortune fueling wars in Africa, selling cheap Kalashnikovs and expensive Revolver pistols. Why are you reading this? What’s this article all about? Well, the movie is actually not far behind the truth, and it was actually based on true events. Illegal black markets still exist nowadays, and business is thriving, people say. Africa is still under fire, with many countries still stuck in the flames of war, on the brink of war, or devastated because of the so many decades of bloody conflict between brothers, between sisters. And not all people are bad.

And in every, yeah, in every single African country, and in many more countries around the world, the middle class, on the whole, is non-existent. There is no middle class, and there’s poor people, and there’s rich bosses and lords. The same situation like in Eastern Europe, which has no middle class either. And in the movie, this muscular black guy, I remember, he was holding a golden pistol, and his son was waiving a golden AK Kalashnikov rifle, and they were driving expensive American cars, and they were living life; they didn’t really care at all about the people.

People say conscience has an expiration date. That might be true.

The world has seen a lot of dictators, a lot of politicians and absolutely powerful and wealthy people, unscrupulous creatures that pledge no loyalty to a land or country, to a flag or language, but to money and to power. The roads in Africa are full of dirt, sand, and sand, and dirt, and really, millions of square miles are nothing but a bunch of no man’s land. No asphalt there, no concrete, no sir, no. A little bit of rain and now you know why Toyota’s are a thing in Africa. Because they’re reliable vehicles with all-terrain capabilities and you won’t get bogged down in the brutal soft mud covering your whole existence.

People have nothing to eat, while Salmon and Caviar and Sushi is for breakfast being eaten by people like General Butt Naked (yeah, it’s a real person, Google it). It’s hard to live where there’s no work, and no hope.

The thing about Africa is that while it might look comfortable from the outside, it’s a home to countless ethnic and cultural groups that really don’t like each other. Now, it should come as no surprise to you that some of the African nations on fire have produced some of the toughest, most frightening military leaders ever. And people cannot do much by themselves. By unity, they can, but alone, they’re defenseless. If you don’t die, you’ll be imprisoned for life, and you’ll never see your family. You can’t just go and take over, over a dictator, battle hardened military psycho.

Poor people are stuck with blood sucking money sucking Dictators. Until they do something. And until all are one, and until they do something, years can pass by, because it’s not easy to make plans, or wage wars while you’re hungry and your child is screaming, begging for a slice of bread.

So who’s fault is it? We know greedy rich people usually don’t change. What about the poor people?

The way these unfortunate poor folks can change their lives is to immigrate, and head back home with the power one day to make a dent on the universe. Europeans have the right to call the rules, because it’s their house. And for people to live in harmony, foreigners and tourists can’t just go and enforce their own understandings on the world. Europe is an old place, an old continent, and Europeans have their own way of doing things, and it’s completely normal.

But why don’t we just work together? Why can’t we be strong, forget about our differences, unite, take back Europe, take back Africa, and send General Butt Naked, who’s real name is Joshua Milton Blahyi by the way, send him to the Kindergarden, because obviously he needs to play with the children so kids could teach him some real manners.

We’re all people, have the same dreams, we all want freedom, we all want love, and we all need a piece of land, so we can spend our days…
In peace.

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